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Posted by y912f on Wednesday, December 16, 2009 at 4:03pm.

This is my last assignment in Creative Writing:

Choose ONE of the following topics for the Writing Project:

For Process Analysis:
(Note: Process Analysis is not recommended for developing a short story):
"How I Learned Responsibility"
"How to Make the Most of Your Home Computer"
"How to Host a Successful Party"
"How to Get Along With People"

For Cause and Effect:
Choose one of tehse topics for your Cause and Effect essay or short story:
"When Quick Thinking Saved the Day"
"How Working Hard Helped _____ (pick someone or yourself)to Succeed"
"The Effects of a Serious Mistake"

For Comparison and Contrast:
Choose one of these topics for your Comparison and Contrast essay or short story:
"My Two Closest Friends"
"Comparison of a Dream Job and a Drudge Job"
"The Tale of Two Very Different Birthdays"
"The Best and Worst Ways to Spend a Day Off"
"When I Am Good, I Am Very, Very Good; When I Am Bad, I Am Hard to Live With"

I want to choose Comparison and Contrast on "The Tale of Two Very Different Birthdays"

What should I do first?
i think freewriting about the two different birthdays first.

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