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enhaning self-esteem

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Help please. 2)according to many social scientists,adolescence ends for most people? A.when the physcial and intellectual changes of puberty have occurred. the time the person reaches age 20. C.when they're most comfortable with and have a clear understanding of who they are. D.when they become independent from their parents. 3)someone who has a strong ego identity? A)is confident about his or her future goals and plans. B)only thinks of himself or herself,and rarely considers the feelings of others. C)is comfortable with the type of person he or she is. D)feels that he or she is worthwhile. 10)when setting guidelines or rules for children and then enforcing them,the best advice is to? A)have several discipline measures in mind for consequences of misbehavior. B)have children help determine the rules whenever possible. C)post the rules in the room for everyone to see. D)give children three chances or “strikes"before taking disciplinary action. 16)the best “measure"that a person has achieved high self-esteem is? A)a record of strong academic performance. B)confidence in social situations. C)self-sufficiency. D)strong family relationships. 19)through his research,Dr.Stanley Coopersmith determined that a person's “sense of self" consists of three components.which one of the three is identified below? A)personality. B)physical appearance. C)liking oneself D)financial wealth

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