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Math - Pre- Clac

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Prove that each of these equations is an identity.

A) (1 + sinx + cos x)/(1 + sinx + cosx)=(1 + cosx)/sinx

B) (1 + sinx + cosx)/(1 - sinx + cosx)= (1 + sin x)/cosx

Please and thankyou!

  • Math - Pre- Clac -

    you must have a typo in A since the left side equals 1

    for B
    multiply the left side by (1+sinx-cosx)/(1+sinx-cosx)
    which after collecting like terms, and reducing comes to the right side.
    A key simplification is the sequence of terms
    1 ....+sin^2x... - cos^2x

    which reduces to 2sin^2x

    I am sure a similar step will work for A) after you find your typo

  • Math - Pre- Clac -

    Ok thanks, I did make a typo my bad.

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