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Posted by jake on Monday, December 14, 2009 at 7:47pm.

Scene: Jacob and Mary are at Jerome’s House, to return the engagement ring.
The house shows age, broken windows on both sides of the house and a large porch.

Jacob: All right Mary, were here.
Mary: (Scared face) Knock the door for me please.
Jacob: You came all the way here and you’re too scared to knock the door.
Mary: Please…..
(Jacob pauses, and then knocks at the door)
Jacob: (Shouts) Come out Mackenzie! Your girl has something for you.
Mary: (Annoyed face) Jacob! Not so loud.
Jacob: Clam down…, I am surging with excitement to see his face when tell him the bad news.
(The door busts open)
Jerome: (Surprised Face) Is that you Jacob.
Jacob: The one and only.
Jerome: (Grins) The one and only who would buy a suite like that.
Jacob: (Grins) You’re the one and only who is going to get your cheap weeding ring back.
Jerome: (Surprised face) Is this true Mary.
Mary; (Looks down) I am afraid so.
Jerome: (Angry face) How could you Mary.
Jacob: (Grins) How dare you try to marry my Mary.
Jerome: This is all you’re doing Jacob, isn’t it; you and your sorry ass father can’t stop making trouble for my family

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