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Homework Help: Grammar and Composition

Posted by y912f on Monday, December 14, 2009 at 4:58pm.

Is there any one who can help me on this assignment? Please let me know, so I can start working on it step by step.


The format of this essay should be based on the Five-Paragraph Essay format. Use the following suggestions to create an island, details, and tone for your essay. As you read through the suggestions, you will realize that you could write pages for this assignment. However, you must select which items you want to include in your essay and which ones you want to leave out. The details must fit into a Five-Paragraph Essay. You will have to do a little research for this assignment to find an island and its location. The rest you can create.

-You are sent to a deserted island. Choose an island that is real, name the island and the location. There will be people on this island other than you and a companion. The hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, houses, people etc. are no longer there.

-Where is the island located? What is the landscape, climat, vegetation, animals etc.? What food supplies are available? How will food be gathered and prepared? Is water available for drinking? Is it safe?

-You are banished by me. You will be on tis island forever. This punishment will be tempered with kindness. Since you have never seen me and don't know me personally, you can create characteristics about me. (You probably already have some kind of visual image about me any way.) Why did I send you there? Do not include anything evil about me or why you were sent.

-You may take a person of your choosing. It may be a male or a female who is alive, dead, or fictional. No matter who you choose, these will be no children. Explain why you are taking this person.

-You may take 3 books with you. Please make them real books. You must give authors and titles. One year's subscription to a magazine counts as one book, and this will be taken with you. Explain why you took these books.

-You are also allowed one suitcase for each person. Explain why and what you have taken in each suitcase.

-You may have already died and left a written legacy, or you may be still living and telling the story.

-You may use chronological organization and give a sequential account of events, or you may use spatial order and order your information based on the arrangement of the island, or you may want to use topical arrangement and explain how the island is divided. You decide which type of organization is best for the details that you want to include.

What is the first thing that I should do? I guess pick a real island, right?
Thanks a lot to whoever helps.

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