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I have to write a compare and contrast essay on: a succesful relationship.

here's what I have so far as prewriting:
One couple I know that have a very successful relationship are my parents. They have been together for almost 20 years, have 5 kids, and are very happy together. Some things they have in common are: they're both quiet people, they're both very trustworthy, they both like spicy food, they're both very hard-working and very loving...
Some of their differences include: my dad lieks eating desserts but my mom hates sweets, my dad likes being out a lot but my mom enjoys staying at home, my dad loves babies but my mom doesn't like kids that much, my dad is a fan of nature but my mom isn't...

They phrase "opposites attract" is why my parents are able to live together happily. Despite their many differences, my parents still get along as a couple. This is because, the qualitites tha tmy dad doesn't have,my mom provides. And the good qualities that my mom doesn't have, my father provides. That's why they have a perfect marriage.

anything else i need to get started? Any ideas or suggestions that will help me?

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    that is actually very good. you might wanna get in to detail a little more though if you want a very good grade. teachers love when there students do that.

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    thanks. that's just the prewriting, i'll try to go into more details in the essay

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