February 28, 2017

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Posted by Am I doing this Problem right? on Saturday, December 12, 2009 at 4:29pm.

Below is the question and right after is my work.

Excess fluorine (F2) reacts at 150 degrees C with bromine (Br2) to a compound BrFn (n = variable # i.e. n = 2 = F2). If 423 mL Br2 at 150 degrees C and 748 mmHg produced 4.20 g BrFn, what is n?

My work:

PV = nRT
n = [(.9842 atm)(.423L)]/[(.0821)(423.15)
n = .011983698 moles Br 2

Out of the 4.20 grams of BrFn 1.91499494 grams is Br2

I don't know what to do after here. What's my next step?

Thank you

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