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The diagonals of rectangle ABCD are AC and BD. Hallie found that the distances from the point where the diagonals intersects to each vertex were the same. Which of the following conjectures could she make?

a. Diagonals of a rectangle are congruent.
b. Diagonals of a rectangle create equilateral triangles.
c. Diagonals of a rectangle intersect at more than one point.
d. Diagonals of a rectangle are congruent to the width.


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    If they have the same length (which they do) they are congruent. They do not have to have the same direction. b is true for a square only. c and d are never true.

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    Find the perimeter of rectangle PQRS with vertices P(0,0), Q(0,7), R(12,7) & S (12,0).
    Select one:
    a. 38 units
    b. 26 units
    c. 33 units
    d. 45 units

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