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'You're Abraham Lincoln's campaign manager. Your job is to convince the public to elect him sixteenth president of the US. Write an appeal to voters--to be printed in newspapers around the country--urging them to vote for him. "Sell" Lincoln to the public by emphasizing his qualifications: his character, background, achievements, and plans for the country's future.'

To write this, I know about Abe Lincoln's character and background but I need help knowing his achievements and plans for the country's future. Also, what might appeal to voters in the 1860s? I need some ideas on that.


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    Read widely -- and remember to check out all those links at the bottom of the page in Wikipedia articles.

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    This assignment fails to consider the audience: What appeals to voters depends on the voters. That was Lincoln's delimina, and the difference between the North and the South.
    So with that great omission in the assignment, You might as well try to sell bacon in Iran. It is the same assignment. So to sell bacon in Iran, you change its name, and its image. It now is the other white meat, and you emphasise not where it came from, but how good it is, and what can be done with it, and how bad the alternative (red meat) is for you.
    I would do the same for Abe, if I were you, appeal to those things all can agree on. Recently, we elected "Hope", in the face of a messy war, economy, and a runaway government on violating civil rights. Perhaps, again, you can use that in Abe's campaign. Emphasise Hope, Enterprise.
    Nice assignment.

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