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developtment child

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The formation of children's core values is most strongly influenced by

A peers.
B family.
C elementary school teacher.
D child care providers.

The correct answer for me is B

One of the most important functions of a child's peer group is

A. serving as a replacement for the parents.
B providing apportunities for competition.
C. fostering love and understanding.
D. teaching about the world outside the family.

The answer correct for me is A

Children usually bahave in acceptable ways when they

A. Know the rules.
B feel good about themselves.
C are scolded for misbehavior.
D like the carigiver.

The answer correct is A

  • development child -

    On the first, A is OK, but it varies. On really needs to define Core values, but I suspect you are looking for personality factors: Compassion;
    Cooperation;Honesty;Postive Attitude

    On the second, I like this answer: Peer groups from toddlers to adults allow persons to assume different roles, and function in those roles, assuming different responsibilities, personalities, and functions. In that vein, D is probably the best answer, but it is not good.

    The last is more difficult, A and B are important. I lean to B.

  • developtment child -

    oops, I meant B(family) on the first.

  • developtment child -

    when children maniipulate,count,and measure objects, they enchance their cognitive development to the stage that jean piaget called it .

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