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A distribution with a mean of 200 units, a standard deviation of 40 units, a minimum value of 4 units and a maximum value of 245 units is

A. Positively skewed
B. Negatively skewed
C. "Bell-shaped"
D. Bi-modal

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    The value of 4 is much further from the mean than 245, especially in terms of standard deviations (1+ vs. almost -5 respectively). It would be negatively skewed (many scores at the high end, relatively few at the low end).

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    Thank You! I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions.

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    With the same mean and st.deviation, but a min of 55 and a max of 330, what would that be? I just need another example explained...thanks.

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    Figure how many standard deviations (SDs) above and below the mean each extreme is. If they are approximately equal, it is "bell-shaped." If one is significantly further away in terms of SDs, it is skewed in that direction. (You have to decide what is significant.)

    There is insufficient data to suggest bimodal.

    I hope this helps a little more.

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