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What are some plus and minuses of growing up males, and what are some plus and minuses of growng up females?

the topic is: who has an easier time growing up; males or females

My opinion: I don't think the difference is tremendous, but in most ways boys have an easier time growing up. The major factor for this opinion is location; depending on where a person lives, one can decide if a boy or girl has an easier time growing up.Ex. life for a female is very boring and limited in the eastern countries of the world. On the other hand, in the Western countries girls have as much freedom and rights as boys.

I need at least 3-4 different people to answer the first question. From the opinions of the different people, I have to make a chart, and then write, about this topic.


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    Balderdash! yes, girls have it "better' than they did when I was growing up....and certainly better than they did when my mother was a child.... However, women still do not receive equal pay for equal work. There is still a glass ceiling for advancement.
    In the home according to statistics, women have more responsibility for family tasks and chores than men do.
    Government still tries to "regulate" women's bodies.

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    but there has to be some plus signs for women too.
    and what about men, they should have some negatives.

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    it really is culture and economic dependent as you note.

    In my mind I tried to compare kids in Nigeria, Bangladesh, Iran, UK, Denmark, and the US.

    In those countries, growing up is considerably different for boys vs boys, and girls vs girls. It is hard for me to make a list.

    However, in general
    girls are much more treated as sex slaves (do what you are told) as compared to boys (you do the telling).
    girls are generally given menial tasks (in the home, and industry), and boys are generally given more opportunity (although in some countries it just doesn't exist).
    boys are groomed to be the leaders of society, and get to dictate what women can do.
    girls growing up are at greater risk of sexual assault and kidnapping than boys.
    boys are more prone to accidents

    Those are a few I could think of. It is easy in one culture, in one country to do this, but crossing cultures, it gets more difficult.

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    Thanks, that's a pretty good list. yes, I agree it is easier to focus on one culture since I have to write a compare and contrast essay on this. But the directions didn't mention that.

    Thanks both of you!

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