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Posted by tim on Tuesday, December 8, 2009 at 12:17am.

How did Charlemagne gain the title Emperor of the Roman People from Pope Leo III?

A. He inherited it from his father.
B. The pope saw his concern for his people in the way he governed.
C. He built a very large cathedral in Aachen and earned the pope’s respect.
D. He aided the pope against the Lombards and citizens who opposed the papacy.
2. When the pope named Charlemagne as Emperor of the Roman People, what did that suggest?

A. Charlemagne had the support of the church and God in returning the Roman Empire to its former success.
B. Charlemagne could now disband his military forces and concentrate on governmental affairs.
C. Charlemagne no longer had any influence in the Christian church.
D. Charlemagne was next in line for the position of pope in the church.

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