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An historic lighthouse is 200 yards from a bike path along the edge of a lake. A walk to the lighthouse is 400 yards long. Find the acute angle feta between the bike path and the walkway.

I found sin which was 1/2. The book says feta is 30 degrees. But how does the value of sin contribute to this and where does thirty degrees come from?

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    You are correct to say that sin(theta) = 1/2
    we also know that sin 30 = 1/2

    so isn't theta = 30 ?

    Make sure your calculator is set to degrees.
    200 / 400
    press 2ndF or INV, whichever your calculator uses
    press SIN

    you should get 30 degrees.

    BTW, who is this feta guy? Did you mean theta, the Greek letter?
    I think feta is some kind of cheese.

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