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Solve the equation. (the 6s are supposed to be sub-scripted, but I can't type subscripts)

Problem: log6 7 - log6 x = 4
Choose one answer.
a. 7/24
b. 7/1296
c. 7/4
d. 1296/7

I am so lost, can you please help me understand this? I need to know how to do this, so please don't just give me the answer--explain--thanks in advance.

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    You will have to know the basic rules of logs
    log(A/B) = logA - logB comes into play here
    log6 7 - log6 x = 4
    log6 (7/x) = 4

    by definition of logs
    6^4 = 7/x
    1296 = 7/x
    x = 7/1296

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