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I need some History help! Its US History. OK first of all I would like to post the question I need help answering. I also would like to post another question that I have answered and see if it was the right answer that I came up with. thanks for the help!
Here is the question:
After 1831 the abolitionist movement will change dramatically and move northward. WHY? How does the abolitionist movement change with the events of 1831?

Here is the other question that I answered that I hope is right.

When is the importation of slaves abolished? why would most of the earliest abolitionist movements be centered in the south? What are some of the religions that help in these movements?
Here is what I answered:
The importation of slaves was abolished on March 2, 1807 to be inforced beginning on January 1, 1808. The earliest movements were centered in the south because the south was considered the economic center of slavery. Some of the religions that helped were Protestants, Methodists, and Quakers.

Was that the right answer?

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