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Physics-PLEASE ANSWER, it's due soon!

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A copper calorimeter can with mass 0.202 kg contains 0.185 kg of water and 1.40×10^−2 kg of ice in thermal equilibrium at atmospheric pressure. If 0.900 kg of lead at a temperature of 417 degrees celsius is dropped into the can, what is the final temperature of the system if no heat is lost to the surroundings?

  • Physics-PLEASE ANSWER, it's due soon! -

    The sum of the heats gained is zero (some will be negative, as in heat lost).

    heat gained calorimeter=masscalor*ccu*(Tf-273)
    heat gained by water= (masswater+massmelted ice)*cw*(tf-0)
    heat gained by ice= Hf(massice)
    Heat gained by lead=masslead*clead*(tf-(417+273))

    add all these, set to zero, and solve for Tf.

  • Physics-PLEASE ANSWER, it's due soon! -

    I'm putting in the answer I get but the website that I do the homework on says the answer is wrong. I'm getting 94.77 K for final temperature, but it says that's wrong. What should I do?

  • Physics-PLEASE ANSWER, it's due soon! -

    I would recheck it. You know it cant be 94Kelvin. That is pretty cold.

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