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Find the resultant force of a 32-N force pulling horizontally on a wooden crate and a 20-N force pulling at an angle of 49 degrees upward of horizontal. (Your answer should include magnitude and direction of the force)

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    I will have to assume than both forces are in the same plane; that should have been specified. If the 32 N force acts along the x axis, the 20 N force has a
    20 cos49 = 13.1 N component along the x axis and a 20 sin49 = 15.1 N component in a vertical (z) axis.

    Add the x and z components separately:
    33.1 along x axis
    15.1 along z axix
    resultant magnitude = sqrt[(33.1)^2 + (15.1)^2]

    Resultant direction = arctan 15.1/33.1 from horizontal

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