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Homework Help: hca 270

Posted by sammy on Friday, December 4, 2009 at 9:01pm.

i have to do this and i have no idea im so confused i know to define but what is a real world example. and what are the fouec's and five pillars? im confused a little hint of help please

The Four Cís and Five Pillars

Directions: Consult Ch. 1 and the glossary of Financial Management in Health Care Organizations as well as other outside sources as necessary in order to complete the tables in Parts I and II. Provide a definition in your own words for each term, as well as a real-world example. The examples need not be from the field of health care.

Part I: The Four Cís

Real-world example





Part II: The Five Pillars of Financial Practice

Real-world example

Cash flows

Maximizing behavior

Risk aversion

Time value of money

Opportunity cost

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