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An ideal spring with a stiffness of 329 N/m is attached to a wall, and its other end is attached to a block that has a mass of 15.0 kg. The spring/block system is then stretched away from the spring's relaxed position until 57.0 J of mechanical energy is stored in the spring. Then the system is released to oscillate freely. With the block sliding horizontally on the level, frictionless floor. Find the speed of the block when the spring is compressed by 18.4 cm.

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    The maximum deflection A is given by
    57 J = (1/2)kA^2.
    A is 0.589 m

    When the deflection is 0.184 m, the spring's potential energy is
    (1/2) k (0.184)^2

    Subtract that from the total energy (57J)to get the kinetic energy at that compression, and use that to get the speed.

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