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Posted by Vico on Thursday, December 3, 2009 at 8:46am.

Overall 80 % of the energy used by the body must be eliminated as excess thermal energy and needs to be dissipated. The mechanisms of elimination are radiation, evaporation of sweat (2430 kJ/kg), evaporation from the lungs (38 kJ/h), conduction, and convection.
A person working out in a gym has a metabolic rate of 2500 kJ/h. His body temperature is 37 C, and the outside temperature 24 C. Assume the skin has an area of 2.0 m2 and emissivity of 0.97. (a) At what rate is his excess thermal energy dissipated by radiation? (b) If he eliminates 0.40 kg of perspiration during that hour, at what rate is thermal energy dissipated by evaporation of sweat? (c) At what rate is energy eliminated by evaporation from the lungs? (d) At what rate must the remaining excess energy be eliminated through conduction and convection?

Can someone help and show how to do it?

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