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In the process from point b to point c, the gas in the engine is heated to a higher temperature. As the gas is heated, it expands pushing the syringe piston up. Let's assume that this process is isobaric. The temperature of the gas at point b is 20.2 ° C, and the gas temperature at point c is 60 ° C. If the diameter of the syringe piston is 1 cm and the volume of the gas at point b is 27.8 cm3, how much will the piston be pushed up at point c compared to its height at point b?

Been up all night. I Give up

I tried doing it this way.
V = 2*r^2*pi*h
V= V(r) + V(r)*ΔT/273.15

V(r) being the change in volume. For some reason I keep coming up wrong.

I've gotten h1=.5627 cm but its wrong.
h=4.424 V(r)=94.56 ΔT=39.8 V=27.8

but like I said I'm wrong. =-(
Help plz

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