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Alcohol flows smoothly through a horizontal pipe that tapers in cross-sectional area from A1 = 41.9 cm2 to A2= A1/3. The pressure difference Äp between the wide and the narrow sections of the pipe is 11.1 kPa. What is the volume flow rate ÄV/Ät of the alcohol? The density of the alcohol is ñ = 838 kg/m3. Hint: Treat as an ideal fluid. You will need both the conservation of mass properties and the conservation of energy properties.

i currently have..


not sure how to apply the conservation of energy properties..any help is greatly appreciated.

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    I would use bernoulli's equation.

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    Sub v1 into bernoulli's law and solve for v2.
    A2v2 = volume rate flow
    A2 = 1/3 A1

    (Do not worry about (-)ve sign

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