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Posted by Nikki on Monday, November 30, 2009 at 9:40pm.

Sodium Chloride is the LEAST soluble in which of the following liquids?

a. H2O
b. CCl4
c. HF
d. CH3OH

I know NaCl is a polar molecule...and a dipole-dipole IMF bond?

My guess is b because it's nonpolar and I think it's a London Dispersion IMF. Is this right?


Which of the following is LEAST soluble in water?

a. (NH4)SO4
b. KMnO4
c. BaCO3
d. Zn(NO3)2
e. Na3PO4

This one I took a wild guess because I'm not really sure what any of the molecules are...help with this one plz?

Thank you!

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