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So, for my assignment on extending the definition of family, I will develop the definition by telling what family means to me.

I am starting this essay right now, if there's any suggestions or commments that will help me please let me know.

I want to take a few mintues to free write about this so i can get some help when writing the essay.

what family means to me:
closer than best friends
loving people who I care about and who care about me
people who share common interest with me
respect, trust, love, consideration, friendship, ...

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    what else can I mention? And, what else can I do to improve the essay, definition wise? thanks

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    If you are writing on the definition of family, aren't you narrowing the definition of family by taking an ethnocentric viewpoint? Wouldn't it be appropriate to at least mention non-traditional family structures? A lot of kids live with folks other than their birth parents, and those families seem to function well.

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    Are you including --

    aunts and uncles?

    When you begin your definition of "family" you need to be specific about whom you are including in the group. Once you have made decisions about whom you are including (and not), then some of the other items should fall into place.

    When my granddaughter has written about family, she included her parents, 2 brothers, 2 grandmothers, aunts, uncles, cousin, and great-grandparents. It's been interesting!

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    well, i want to mention my family: mom, dad, 3 sisters, one maybe :)

    so I should mention this in the introduction? Like, mention the people in the family?

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    Again, I find your approach odd.

    YOu are trying to write about family as you have it. However, I thought the assignment was a DEFINITION of family.

    Reread my and Writeteacher's comments.

    If you want to ignore that, then mention what you think a family is, and make that the definition. However, a lot of folks will probably find it narrow in scope.

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    How is this for an intro:

    What is a family? The dictionary tells us that family is the social unit living together, or different groups of parents and children. But more important than this is what family means to each individual. There are many different groups of family including extended, nuclear, and complex family. Usually, when people think of family, they think of the basics such as a father, a mother, and the children. However, there are families that live together which include grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and other relatives. There are also many different meanings that can come out of the simple word 'family'. The focus of this essay is going to be on the basic nuclear family that is a father, a mother, and the siblings; and what family means to me as an individual.

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    it is fine if that is what your assignment is. YOu are writing on what your family means to that the assignment. Make certain.

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    yes, that's what the assignment is

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