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I am supposed to come up with a real life problem and then write a function to represent that real life scenario, but I am not confident in my answer. Could you look it over and tell me if I did it correctly?

The basic cell phone plan costs 19.99 a month plus an additional fee of $0.15 for every minute of use. What is the plan holders monthly cost if he or she uses 75 minutes of talk time?
What is the plan holders monthly cost if he or she uses 120 minutes of talk time?
If c = cost and t =the number of months we have a function that will look like this to represent my real life example¥
C(t)=$19.99+ $0.15t
c (75)

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    It looks ok to me except I can't read the symbols between example and C(t). Also, I think you intended t to represent the number of minutes and not the number of months.

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    There was not supposed to be any symbol there,My mistake. And yes I did mean minutes , and I had already changed that part...Thank you, now I can submit it with ease.

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