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Need help with two questions..#8 is throwing me off, (false dilemma or begging the question)?? I chose false dilemma) is this correct?

8. From a letter to the editor: “The counties of Michigan clearly need the
ability to raise additional sources of revenue, not only to meet the
demands of growth but also to maintain existing levels of service. For
without these sources those demands will not be met, and it will be impossible
to maintain services even at present levels.”
is this a false dilemma

9. In February 1992, a representative of the Catholic Church in Puerto Rico
gave a radio interview (broadcast on National Public Radio) in which he
said that the Church was against the use of condoms. Even though the
rate of AIDS infection in Puerto Rico is much higher than on the U.S.
mainland, the spokesman said that the Church could not support the use
of condoms because they are not absolutely reliable in preventing the
spread of the disease. “If you could prove that condoms were absolutely
dependable in preventing a person from contracting AIDS, then the
Church could support their use.
is this burden of proof

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    Be sure to bookmark this site; then use the list of links at the right.

    I think false dilemma (false dichotomy) is correct for #8.

    What do you think about #9?

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    type of fallacy contained in questions 8 and 9 are begging the question, use critical thinking to figure out why this is so..go luck!

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