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Homework Help: Chemistry

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Regarding conductivity:

1. If a solution has a high conductivity, it indicates that there are a lot of __________________ in solution. [Answer: ions]

2. Pure acetic acid does not conduct electricity, nor does pure water, but a mixture of the two does conduct. This is explained by __________________ [Answer: covalent bonds]

3. Pure water does not conduct electricity (to any measurable extent) but tap water does. This is because __________________ [Answer: tap water contains many ions]

4. Table salt does not conduct electricity, but when it is melted (at about 800°C) it becomes a great conductor. This is because __________________

5. If you observe that a KF(aq) solution conducts electricity very well, you would conclude that __________________

Please check my answers and what are the answers for the last two questions? Thanks!

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