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A 2.0 kg particle is moving along the x axis to the left with a velocity of v= -6.0 m/s. Suddenly, between times t =0 and t = 4.0 x a net force = 3t^2 – 12t is applied to the particle, where F is in N and t is in s. Calculate the velocity of the particle at t=4.0 s.

Is this formula right?
a= force/mass= (3t^2-12t)/4
now put t=4 into the equation

I get the acceleration as 0!!!

No one has answered this question yet.

Please Help.

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    I think 2 should have been in the formula

    [a= force/mass= (3t^2-12t)/2 ]

    If so I still get 0

    How do I find the velocity at 4 s?

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