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A cannonball is shot from a cannon on a cliff at a height of 18.9 m at a ship on the ocean. The cannonball is shot with an initial velocity of 15.1 m/s at an angle of 24.7 degrees above the horizontal.

#1- What is the total maximum height of the cannonball (the height with respect to the ocean)?

#2- What is the total time in the air for the cannonball?

#3- What is the total range of the cannonball?

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    First, resolve the velocity into the horizontal and vertical components,
    v0=15.1 m/s
    vx=v0 cosθ
    vy=v0 sinθ
    The horizontal velocity will stay constant, while the vertical velocity will be subject to the influence of gravity.
    The height above the ocean at time t is given by the equation:
    g=9.8 m/s², acc. due to gravity
    y0=18.9 m = height of cliff
    The vertical velocity at time t is given by

    a. The cannonball reaches the highest point at time t when v(t)=0
    Maximum height

    b. When the cannonball hits the sea, y(t)=0. The time t1 when this happens is
    Solve for t1.

    c. Since the horizontal velocity is constant at vx, the total range is
    Distance = vx*t1

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