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Posted by mimi--PLEASE HELP VERY CONFUSED on Monday, November 23, 2009 at 10:08pm.

Titration of Vitamin C tablets

Prior to titration, Vitamin C samples were dissolved in dilute sulfuric acid, treated with a 60mL portion of 0.3 M KIO3 and excess KI.

Given equations:

(1) ascorbic acid + I2 + 2H2O <--> dehydroascorbic acid + 2I^- + 2H3O^+

(2) IO3^- + 5I^- + 6H3O^+ --> 3I2 + 9H2O

(3)I2 + 2S2O3^2- --> 2I^- + S4O6^2-

To find:

a) Thiosulfate consumed(mmol)
b) Excess I2 (mmol)
c) Ascorbic acid content (mmol)
d) Ascorbic acid conten (mg)

I am unsure how to go about finding these results -- i would think i would use a mol ratio from the given equations, but im confused with what equations to use ... any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

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