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How can I calculate the tension in the two cords that are labeled A and B in a two mass system? Cord A is on top with a 1 kg mass attached and Cord B connects this mass to a 2 kg mass. The two mass system accelerates directly upward at 2m/s^2.

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    The diagram looks like this:

    UP ----> T1 <----1Kg---> T2 <----2Kg DOWN

    The whole system is accelerating upwards at 2 m/s².

    Start with the 2kg mass (m2).
    The acceleration is due to T2 in excess of the weight due to the 2kg block, or T2-m2.g newtons.
    Thus applying F=ma
    where a is the acceleration of 2 m/s²
    Solve for T2

    Now similarly consider the m1=1 kg mass.
    Net force causing acceleration
    Thus, again
    T1-m1g-T2 = m1(a)
    Solve for T1.

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