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I have to write an expository essay interpreting a peice of art from my textbook. I chose the painting The Grinder(1924) by Diego Rivero.

Need help filling this out:

Elements of Art: ?
Subject Matter- A girl is grinding something.
Lines and Shapes- ?
Repetition or Contrast- ?
Colors- Cool and dark
Experience and Feeling- The girl’s expression is half hidden in the poem but it seems to me as if she’s tired or sad. This gives me the meaning that perhaps she does not want to work anymore or that she wants to be somewhere else. The feeling I get when I look at this poem is curiosity.

I also need a thesis statement about what this work means to me..but I'm not sure what to put because I can't figure out what it means to me. I don't even understand what's going on in it. Please help


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    Most of Diego Rivera's works tells stories.

    compare the grinder to the same woman and scene here:

    Do you see a story in the making. Maybe tired or sad, look closer in the Tortilla Maker.

    Then take a look at several of his works:
    Now for the thesis: Decide what the picture means to me, what impressions does it evoke, what feelings do you have? Do you want to jump into the happy life of that woman?

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    La Molendera, or The Grinder, by Diego Rivera shows a girl grinding something on a stone. This painting shows what a lot of people feel: even though you don’t like the work you’re doing, you have to. That is why the woman in the painting shows pride in doing her work though her facial expression lets us know that she doesn’t exactly have the best job in the world.
    The atmosphere of the painting seems quiet, which is established by the colors Rivera used. There is a large usage of the colors blue and brown, basically cool dark colors. The only white thing in the painting is the girl’s dress, which draws our eyes immediately since it’s the only thing sticking out. This was done to have our eyes focus on the main piece of the painting: the girl working on the grinder.
    To me the idea in this poem seems to be that you should take pride in whatever you do, even if it’s not what you prefer. Even though the girl’s expression shows sadness or exhaustion, she is still working and that is why in the back of the poem we see some tortillas. All the materials in the painting blend together, and the setting is most likely in a kitchen.
    There is a lot of roundness in the poem; the only thing that is not round is the oven. The picture itself has round figures, such as the Lady's arms, head, hands and entire body. Also the stone, even though it is square, it is curved type of concave.
    Rivera did a good job putting the shapes in the painting together and using cool colors to give it a relaxing mood. While admiring this work of art, people might ponder on the real meaning of the poem, which is probably Rivera’s purpose.


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    very good, except the last paragraph: "Poem?" Did your mean sister make you get up early today?
    Correct that, and is is good.

    To me (dont write this) Rivera's work just present life with this message: Here is life, come join it.

    Good writing. It probably would have made a good poem.

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    hahahaha, my bad. I was thinking of another essay

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