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Ms Sue geography

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sorry to ask again for help but i need to include a graph in my report about the turkish earthquake but i can`t think what graph to do. it needs to show relevant information i was going to do a graph about how many people died but i don`t know if that would be ok.
thanks for your help!

  • Ms Sue geography -

    Which Turkish earthquake? It's hard to see how a graph would help to describe a single earthquake. Sometimes the newspapers will show a single seismograph record of a quake, including aftershocks. That might work.

    I live in a region with a lot of earthquakes. One of the most informative graphical devices is a map of the area (or of the Pacific "Ring of Fire") with the epicenters of all recorded earthquakes plotted wherever they might occur, often with their Richter magnitudes, with bigger circles representing more energetic earthquakes. The known "fault zones" are often also overlaid onto such maps.

    There are probably such maps available for Turkey and the Asia Minor region.

    There is one such map here:

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