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PSYCHOLOGY answer included

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provide a situation when scientific method, case study method, survey method, Naturalistic observation method, Correlation method, and Experimental method could be applied

scientific= collecting dna
case study= Where the psychologist asks the patient of the back ground history
survey= a random sample of participants completes a survey, test, or questionnaire that relates to the variables of interest
naturlistic= conducting lab research
correlation= there is a correlation between income and education
Experimental method= being a guinea pig

  • PSYCHOLOGY answer included -

    Your short phrases are hardly enough to comment. I suspect your instructor wants to measure if you understand what the terms mean, and how they can be applied. Frankly, I would mark all the above wrong. A situation probably deserves at least a sentence, and many would need three sentences to adequately describe.
    Your best is survey, but you described the instrument, not the situation. A situation might be...students are polarizing over perceived racial issues, and the school adminstration needs to guage these feelings and the causes, so a questionaire is sent to 50 random students.

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