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Create and describe your own Utopia, including its geography, laws, and customs.


Middletownopia is a very peaceful and beautiful place to spend one's life. It is located on the southern part of the island Sandi Road. People come from all over the world to visit. The laws are very fair. The local people are so nice and polite that no one ever gets into trouble. If someone gets angry and causes trouble of any kind, they get two chances to resolve the matter or risk getting banned from the island. There are no cars, everyone walks to where they want to go because everything is close which in turn gets people in very good shape and in great health. If the local police catches someone not exercising for three days then they will be placed under a workout program where they have to run on a treadmill for one week straight. Every Monday there is a meeting to let everyone know what they did during the weekend, exchange cooking recipes and invite others to dinner. On Christmas, people draw straws to decide who gets to live in the towns' largest mansion for the week and they get together to celebrate the holiday.

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    Yikes! This is not my idea of Utopia. It sounds like a dictatorship, forcing people to
    leave the island if they make someone mad
    exercise (without considering each person's preferences and limitations)

    The Monday meetings sound b o r i n g!

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    Other than that, good grade or bad?

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    Bad grade!!

    Do you know what "utopia" means?

    "Utopia Politico-philosophic work by Thomas More (1516), initiating a literary genre. Steeped in literary humanism, More sought for the best form of government through discussions with the fictitious Raphael Hythloday. This is followed by Hythloday's account of the ‘New Island of Utopia’ (‘Noplace’), but its egalitarian commonwealth appears flawed since, despite religious freedom and absence of hunger and homelessness, personal freedom is restricted."

    Notice the meaning of "Utopia":

    Try again. Start from scratch.

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