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Physics-please help!!!

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A 190 g particle is released from rest at point A inside a smooth hemispherical bowl of radius 25.0 cm.

Calculate the gravitational potential energy at A

also, how do you find kinetic energy if you aren't given velocity?

please help me! i would really appreciate it

  • Physics-please help!!! -

    The potential energy depends upon the height h above the bottom of the hemisphere. You have not said where point A is, so I cannot tell you the value of potential energy.
    Its value is P.E. = M g h.

    If you know the angle from the vertical at point A, measured from the center of curvature of the bowl, then
    h = R(1 - cos A)

    As it slides down the bowl, it gains kinetic energy (K.E.) equal to the decrease in P.E.

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