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cubic function

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I am absolutly stumped at how to solve this. I know for squared functions you take the square root of both sides to solve for x but what about if one side is cubed. I know you would have to take the cubed root of the function but how do you do this on a calculator?

equation is: 3.9*10^-11 = 4*X^3
so I simplify and get:

9.75*10^-12 = x^3
but now how to solve on calculator?

  • cubic function - ,

    the xy key allows cube roots.
    ( some calc have it as yx key)
    for instance, the cube root of 27

    enter 27
    press xy
    enter (1 divide 3 )
    you should see 3, and some will require you to press enter.

  • cubic function - ,

    okay sounds easy but I have a TI-84+ and I don't see that key.

    also will this work for say x^5 or x^4?

    If you don't have this key how would you solve it?

  • cubic function - ,

    yes, works for any root, or power.

    If you don't have that key, you can do it with logs....

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