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Homework Help: geography

Posted by Erin on Tuesday, November 17, 2009 at 7:12pm.

I can't find any of the answers in the book, could you please help?
1. The landform occupying the center of the triangle that forms the indian subcontinent is the..
A Deccan Plateau
B Western Ghats
C Indo- Cangetic Plain
D Eastern Ghats

2. Which account of an Azerbaijani demonstration for independence that turned into a riot do you think would be the most reliable?
A the account in a Soviet newspaper
B the account of an Azerbaijani protester
C the account of a Swedish reporter
D the account of a Muslim leader

3. Scientists believe that the Great Rift Valley was created by
A volcanic eruptions
B tectonic forces
C ocean flooding
D receding glaciers

thanks in advance!

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