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Public High School AP Physics B

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Ok I got a question

I'm confused by the compression ratio bit in this problem and don't know how to do it

If 3.00 m^3 of a gas initally at STP is placed under a pressure of 3.20 atm, the temperature of the gas rises to 38.0 degrees C. What is the volume?

I did this

p1V1/T1 = p2v2/T2

i then solved for T2 and got about 140 degrees K I think I did it wrong because of the compression ratio how do I do this problem THANKS!!!

  • Public High School AP Physics B -

    Your equation is right but you want to solve for V2.

    You should not be solving for T2. They told you what is is already. It is 38 C (315 K)

    1 atm*3.00 m^2/273 K = 3.2 atm*V2/315 K

    V = (315/273)*(1/3.2)*3.00 = 1.08 m^3

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