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need help with this question please

a 1kg block starts at rest and slides down the incline. the coefficient of friction between the incline and the block is 0.1. The height of the incline is 2m, and the angle is 30 degrees. use energy consideration to find the block's speed at the bottom of the incline. (5.6m/s)

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    The friction is the thing to work.

    Friction down the plane is .1*mg*cosTheta
    Weight down the plane is mgSinTheta

    FinalKE=initialPE- forcefriction*distance

    Initial PE is mg*2m*sin30

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    how do you find the distance? is it 2/sin30?

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    I cannot get 5.6m/s

    this is what i did.

    finalKE = initial PE - Ff*d
    (1/2)mv^2 = 9.8 - (.8487 x 4)

    v= 3.5

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