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I need some help on this essay question for my history class. I'm confused.

There are three instances of the theory of the Manifest Destiny in the US as we approach 1845. Name the three examples, discuss each of one and it's relationship to the growth of the United States.

All I know is that that the three are Texas& Mexicans, Removal of Southeaster Indinans and slaves. (That's what the teacher said)

I don't understand the rest of the question. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    First you need to understand the concept of manifest destiny. It was the idea that the U.S. had the right and responsibility to take over the land from the Atlantic to the Pacific. It was our duty to settle it and make the U.S. powerful.

    How did Texas contribute to the growth of the U.S.?

    How did the removal of the Indians to the west contribute to this growth?

    What effect did slavery have upon this growth?

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    For the removal of indians could I talk about the Trail of Tears and Blackhawk? Anything else?

    Slaves: Gradual emancipation, abolition, Louisiana Purchase
    Anything else?

    Any ideas for the Texans and Mexicans?

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    Where did these southeastern Indians go?

    Slavery -- what about the free states and slave states -- and their admittance to the Union?

    Who owned Texas before it became an independent nation? Is Texas a western state now?

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    The southeastern Indians went to the west

    Texas is a western state now. Was it Mexico that owned texas before.

    Are my examples correct for me to use that I had listed before. I'm still loss. Sorry It takes me a while to catch on to history

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    Yes, your examples are correct.

    I urge you to go back and study your textbook to fill in the gaps of your knowledge.

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    We don't have a textbook. We never got one when we started school. Can you please tell me Who owned Texas before it became an independent nation? I tryed searching for an answer but did not come up with anything. I appreciate your help and will continue knit picking this question of my own. Thank you for your help

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