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Posted by mysterychicken on Saturday, November 14, 2009 at 4:19pm.

How has the Suez Canal been a catalyst for nationalism in Europe?

First the French felt that developing countries were colonies to conquer and use at their discretion. The discretion also included building a canal for strategic military purposes. The Suez canal is great for cutting the time to travel by sea for commercial shipping, but the real reason you build a canal is to be able to deploy your Navy quickly to anywhere in the world and to take care of restless subjects of your colonies. Also, because this canal is now of Military importance, it becomes necessary to defend the canal and the territory around it from any threat that may prevent it's military use. This involves deploying foreign forces in that country, which causes resentment with the local population because in order to deploy military forces and protect your interests overseas, you also have to be able to control the local population. The resent comes from Egyptians being controlled by French or British rather than there own people. One way to avoid this was to place a local government that works in the interest of the foreign government.This is what causes a catalyst for nationalism.


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