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1) Marie receives chemotherapy for her cancer, and the chemotherapy makes her very nauseous. During her third visit, just the sight of the treatment room made her nauseous. She tried to relax, but she could not help feeling ill even though the nurse has not yet started her treatment that day. In this case, the unconditioned stimulus is the:

a. chemotherapy
b. nausea
c. sight of the room
d. uncomfortable feeling that Marie had.

I know that the answer is not b. I think that it is either a or c but I am confused. Can someone please explain this to me!! Thank you!

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    If she were blindfolded, she wouldn't get sick until after the chemo started. So the nausea is being caused by....

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    The stimulus must be the sight of the room because she felt nauseous as soon as she saw the room.

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