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Posted by y912f on Thursday, November 12, 2009 at 10:55am.

There are some people in this world that you canít live without, and then there are some other people who you just canít bear to live with. That second category is the one that I have to deal with all day, everyday. Sure sheís a few years younger than me, so what? Does that make her any more special than me, or the rest of us? Why is it that she gets all this treatment that we never received? My sister not only irritates me to a great extent, but she also makes some of my worst nightmares come true.

When itís finally time for the little monster to get up from her twelve-hour beauty sleep, she disappears in to the bathroom, leaving the cluttered bed untouched. Does she seriously expect some maid to come tidy that up for her? Itís bad enough that my parents make me share a room with such a pig; I canít believe they want me to start doing her dirty work for her too. The division between the room is clear; my side and her side. And predictably the difference is very clear too; my side is organized, good-looking, and spotless, while Princess Piggyís side is compared to a barn; messy, cluttered, and even smelly at times. This morning I thought I spotted uneaten food on the floor turning grey, and other unspeakable.

After the whole room is spick and span, itís time to start home-schooling for the day. It is at this time every morning when I come in to the computer room to find her hogging up the only working computer. This is unbelievable! How am I supposed to catch up on my work, when every day she is sitting here before me not even working? When I command the little brat to get off, her only reply is ďI was here before you so you canít make me get off. Try waking up earlier!Ē Is this some kind of joke? I was, and always am, awake before her; most of my time goes away in fixing up that jungle of a room. It seems like Iíve done some major sin without realizing it and she is my own personal punishment for that unknown sin. What could I have ever done to deserve this?

Ok, I have to keep telling myself that the worst of the day is over. She gets off of the computer around 6 oíclock; I can try to get some work done before dinner time. Iím not caught by surprise when the phone in my room starts ringing; one of my closest friends was supposed to call so we could discuss the party that was coming up. I dash inside my room, tripping and stumbling a few times, because I know that wherever she is she has also heard the phone ring. The phone call with my friend was almost coming to an end and I was shocked that there was no sign of the little demon, more importantly I was grateful for that because my friend had started discussing some of the personal details of the party that were a secret between me and her only. I hung up and was feeling appreciative of the little monster for not trying to over hear our conversation. As I stepped into the kitchen downstairs, there she was, with a huge grin on her face, and the cordless phone in her hand, and I knew that she was listening to every word we had just discussed.

ok...i really can't come up with any conclusion..i'm not good with intros and conclusions.


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