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This is my last question for tonight I promise. History and me don't go together because they use words that I don't understand. What does this mean in simpler terms and i don't understand what it means by Free Soil Jacksonians and settle the American West to expand control over all of north america from the atlantic ocean to the Pacific.

Manifest Destiny
This was the belief that Americans had a destiny to settle the American West and to expand control over all of North America from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific. The Free Soil Jacksonians, notably Martin Van Buren, however, argued for limitations on expansion to avoid the expansion of slavery within the Union. The Whigs generally opposed Manifest Destiny and expansion, saying the nation should build up its cities.

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    The Free Soil Jacksonians wanted people who would settle west of the original 13 colonies to get free land and not use slaves.

    At that time, the United States only included the eastern part of what is now the whole country. Those who wanted people to go and live in the American West. In this way, the U.S. would control enormous amounts of land and mineral wealth.

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