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Can any tell me how to plan support my thesis with compelling arguments and counter arguments?

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    Thanks to Writeacher for posting this in answer to this question.

    "Here are some websites to help you write a good thesis statement and a good plan or outline to support it:"

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    Fill in the blanks.

    What idea does the author (text creator) develop/present regarding ____________.

    Example, the essay I'm writing right now the question is Discuss the idea(s) developed by the director(s) regarding the significance of an individual’s perspective

    so I said

    In Citizen Kane, Orson Welles develops the idea that a person’s perspective about what is most important in life may be affected by their hierarchy power achieved through wealth and history. Charles Foster Kane’s character demonstrates compensation in the present for pains of the past in such a way he sets himself up for his own demise. Mr. Kane was, “a man who got everything,” and at the same time had nothing. His state of mind as a result may have lead one to be consumed by themselves and ultimately, be left with nothing.

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