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What happened to Napoleon after he lost the battle of Waterloo? Do you think he was fairly treated? Explain why or why not.

Napoleon was imprisoned and exiled to the island Saint Helena. Yes, I think he was fairly treated because that's how he treated others so, others just did their part, as he did his.

Is this good? I'm not sure if the last sentences make sense.

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    read the last three paragraphs, Napoleons own words.
    Actually, he never treated a head of state the way he was treated, as in his own words above. He was treated this way, because Europe had tired of him, and wanted to be rid of him, but it was not proper to shoot (execute) a head of state not in battle. Fair is not what happens in war, nor after. That was the major complaint of the Nuremberg trials, only the defeated were brought to trial, which is not "fair".

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    So he wasn't fairly treated because his own supporters left his side, which whom Naopleon trusted a lot, and helped, also he didn't mind getting exiled, but The British King harshly send him to prison, which wasn't a very good decision.

    Is this good?

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