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Homework Help: chemistry

Posted by brandy on Monday, November 9, 2009 at 1:31pm.

please can someone help me with these questions?

24) Which represents the largest pressure?
A) five mm Hg
B) one atmosphere
C) one millimeter of mercury
D) one hundred pascals
E) five pounds per square inch

25) What would be the new pressure if a 400 mL gas sample at 380 mm Hg is expanded to 800 mL
with no change in temperature?
A) 760 mm Hg
B) 950 mm Hg
C) 190 mm Hg
D) 380 mm Hg
E) 570 mm Hg

26) A sealed container with gas at 2.00 atm is heated from 20.0 K to 40.0 K. The new pressure is
A) 1.00 atm.
B) 1.87 atm.
C) 2.14 atm.
D) 0.500 atm.
E) 4.00 atm.

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