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Grammar and Composition

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ok, after i posted this yesterday:

ok, now that i have my pet peeve, i have to fill out this sheet.
(please read my earlier post for more info on the assignment)

Pet Peeve--Organizational Sheet
Audience: Who will be your audience? You must indicate an audience that your delivery is geared toward.


Topic: What is your pet peeve?

General Purpose: Indicate your general purpose for speaking?

Specific Purpose: Write your specific purpose. Complete the statement below. "I want to _____________ an audience of ____________________

Thesis Statement: Write your thesis statement.

Organization: What is your method of organization? Use chronological, spatial, or topical.

Body Points: List your body points. The number of points could be between 2 and 4 points depending on your pet peeve. These will be the points that develop in the body part of your speech.

some ex from my text

Chronological Order Example:
Audience: Sixth Graders
Topic: American Rodeo
General Purpose: Inform
Specific Purpose: I want to explain to an audience of sixth graders about the development of the American rodeo.
Thesis Statement: The rodeo has developed in three major stages.
Body Points: 1. First, rodeos began in the Old West
2. By 1920, rodeos had become popular spectator sport.
3. Today, rodeos combine traditional western events with a circus-like atmosphere.

Spatial Order Example:
Audience: Teenagers
Topic: Ancient Egyptian Burial Tomb
General Purpose: Inform
Specific Purpose: I want to explain to an audience of teenagers about the interiour design of an ancient Egyptian burial tomb
Thesis Statement: The ancient Egyptian burial tomb usually had four sections-the entrance passage, the antechamber, the treasury, and the burial chamber
Body Points: 1. The outermost section was the entrance passage
2. The next section was the antechamber
3. THe thirds section was the treasury
4. The fourth-and most important section-was the burial chamber

Topical Order Example:
Audience: Parents
Topic: Benefits of Running
Genreal Purpose: Inform
Specific Purpose: I want to explain to an audience of parents the benefits of running.
Thesis Statement: Running increases your endurance, improves your sleep pattern, and controls your weight.
Body Points: 1. Regular running increases your endurance
2. Regular running improves your sleep pattern
3. Regular running helps control your weight.

(Chronological Order: gives or lists events as they happen. Sequence of Events. Steps in a Process.
Spatial Order: organization of things according to their position in space.
Topical Order: pattern of organization in which a topic is broken down into parts.)

I got a reply from bobpursley, so this is what my sheet looks like so far.

1. Audience: family
2. Topic: annoying sister
3. inform
4. I want to inform an audience of family about the annoyance of little sisters.
5. thesis: (i'm not sure what this should be)
6. chronological
7. body points: (this depends on the thesis)

ok, so i just need some advice and help on what to make my thesis, because that will tell me what my speech is specifically going to be about.

should i make it:
My little sister has many ways that she can annoy me..or somehting like that
so then , in the body points, i can list a few ways that she does that

will that be ok?
or are there any better ideas?
thanks a lot, especially bobpursley

  • Grammar and Composition -

    I think it you ought to point out the ways she annoys you, specifically, and then tie them together with a thread.

    I am reminded so in your assignment of the opposite task, threading specifics together for anti-annoyance.
    Read this and see if it hints at the task you need to do.
    It won't be easy. How does she annoy me? Let me count the ways...

  • Grammar and Composition -

    I think I would not write this in a "serious" tone. I think you can better make your point using humor. Then you can "poke" your sister by telling the really weird stuff she does. AND it will keep your audiences attention.

  • Grammar and Composition -

    I agree with GuruBlue. Make it funny.
    Again, it wont be easy. But easy things are not very fun to accomplish.

  • Grammar and Composition -

    ok Gurublue i get exactly what you're saying..but i'm not sure what you mean Bobpursley

    so in my thesis i should point out the ways that she annoys me?

    thanks a lot guys. i really appreciate it

  • Grammar and Composition -

    Say something to the effect my sister can not only raise my eyebrows, goose bumps on the back of my neck, but also my temperature by some of her "interesting" adventures..... that is just a quick idea

  • Grammar and Composition -

    ok, i;ll try to think of something along those lines
    thanks again :)

  • Grammar and Composition -

    My sister can not only irritate me to a great extent, but also make some of my biggest nightmares come true.

    how's this?

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